Oculus Quest 2 gets Wireless PC and 120Hz support

If you're willing to brave the twinned Facebook/Oculus account system and its potential privacy concerns, the Oculus Quest 2 headset is one of the best VR gaming headsets out there. It's affordable, offers inside-out tracking, and a supremely simple setup. Better yet, it now supports wireless PC connectivity over your local Wi-Fi network and even 120Hz support thanks to a new update.

As amazing as the Oculus Quest 2 is, it has the same problem that many standalone VR headsets have: processing power. It's just no way near powerful enough to deliver the high fidelity VR gaming experiences offered by more high-end headsets that plug straight into a gaming PC. Oculus Link cables give you that option, but then you lose all the fun wireless functionality and might as well buy a Valve Index instead.

Well no longer. Air Link is a new Oculus system that connects the Quest 2 to your Wi-Fi network. It keeps latency low by using the fastest Wi-Fi available, though you'll need to remain within 20ft of your router to do it. This won't charge your headset in the same way that Link cable will though, so you'll still be limited to the Quest's relatively short battery life.

Still, it's an exciting experimental feature which is still in beta testing and will launch as part of the upcoming v28 patch. Alongside it will be a new support for 120Hz refresh rates, which developers can begin implementing to make their games look smoother and feel far more comfortable on the eyes, helping to further ward off motion sickness that still plagues some users.

Image Source: oculus

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