Oculus Rift PaperBoy Looks Rad


Remember paperboy? Sure you do, because your'e as rad as I am. Well we're not the only ones, as these guys have built an homage to the classic mail delivery simulator using an Oculus Rift and an exercise bike.

There's a Kinect involved too, to pick up the hand motions - how else did you think he was doing to throw the papers? - but ultimately, this setup lets him have full control of the speed of the bike, the direction that the papers are thrown and where he's looking, thanks to the Oculus Rift's head tracking.

There's classic elements of the original PaperBoy added to make the game more authentic, including obstacles and the ability to smash windows if your aim is off.

What do they call this fine game? PaperDude VR of course.

Developed by Globacore, a company that's well known for its innovative ways of harnessing modern technology for gaming purposes, it's not clear if they plan to branch out and make this an actual title or combined gaming gear bundle that you can actually buy or have access too, but the end of the video alludes that there is more to come.

Perhaps what's most interesting about this however, is the potential for better game related fitness activities. Live in a city and don't want to cycle the dirty streets? Hook up your Rift and your exercise bike and you should theoretically be able to ride through beautifully created digital worlds, or even real life locations if decent enough video is created for it.

What are some of the different ways you could see the Rift being used for exercise?

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