Open Transport Tycoon is coming to Steam

Open Transport Tycoon is coming to Steam

The open source recreation of Chris Sawyer's classic transport management simulator, Open Transport Tycoon (OTTD), is officially coming to Steam. The game is a very faithful reimagining and update of the original Transport Tycoon, with a number of quality of life improvements to signalling and company management.

Transport Tycoon and OTTD were and are, transport management games, where you build up your company's bottom line by building roads, train tracks, shipping and air routes, transporting goods and people across a randomly generated continent, connecting businesses, industries, and people, to make a profit. There are decades worth of trains to upgrade to, natural disasters to avoid, and clever signalling tricks to learn to make your network as efficient and profitable as possible.

And if the other players are difficult, you can always buy exclusive transport rights to their favorite town.

All OTTD really lacks is a capable AI, but the original game didn't have that either, and OTTD has been modded with many capable options since then, providing real challenge for this newer version of the classic 90s Transport Tycoon game.

OTTD isn't quite ready for Steam just yet, it's launching on April 1 (no, it's not a joke), but you can wishlist it now. It'll be free when it's available.

In the meantime, if you want to play OTTD right now, you can download the latest 1.11 version from the official website.