Overgrowth is finally, almost, nearly here

After nearly a decade of development, Wolfire games has announced that its latest release of Overgrowth is the final, very final, beta version of the game and that the next time we see a release it will be the finished version. This represents the end of a long, long journey for the small indie developer.

But it could be a positive one. Overgrowth has gone from strength to strength over the years, adding detail upon detail to its large, open world and high-paced, complex, anthropomorphic animal fighting game. If that sounds like an odd combination, it's simply because you haven't seen any footage of Overgrowth before. A quick look at the latest trailer, which showcases some of the story content recently added to the game, should help explain things.

This latest beta adds a new tutorial to the game, introductory fights to help you learn the ropes of the surprisingly high-skill ceiling. There are new, more detailed environments and conversational cut-scenes. The different races of animals have more defining characteristics now too, with rabbits slowed down by water, even shallow water, rats now able to use parts of their environment for camouflage and cats given the ability to throw their off-hand weapons.

If you want to try out the Overgrowth final beta, or simply pre-order the game before its eventual release, you can grab it for $30 on the Humble Store or Steam (thanks PCG).

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