Overwatch is free for anyone who wants it until January 4

Overwatch is free for anyone who wants it until January 4

Overwatch is one of the world's most popular shooters, combining MOBA-style, character driven team dynamics, with more traditional objective based FPS action. It's a great game that has proven very successful, despite demanding a premium price in a genre dominated by free to play options. It's only likely to get more popular in the next two weeks, as Overwatch is entirely free running through until January 4.

Although temporary, this isn't a trial. You get full access to all 32 of the heroes, 28 of the maps, and you can play as much and for as long as you like. You'll also retain any progress you make during this free period and if you do decide you want to buy Overwatch at the end of the free period, you can get it at 50% off.

This is likely a push by Blizzard to get the most of Overwatch while it continues to develop its sequel. Pre-loading the player base with a larger audience isn't a bad plan, as no doubt many Overwatch players will move to Overwatch 2 when it becomes available to enjoy its new PvE content.

Free play periods are something that Overwatch has enjoyed many times over the years, some longer than this one, some shorter. It always results in an overall spike in player numbers, though most enjoy it while it's free and then move on to something else.

With the Steam Winter sale now ongoing, there are plenty of options for more affordable gaming over the holidays. What are you going to be playing?