Overwatch now supports Nvidia Reflex

Overwatch now supports Nvidia Reflex

Nvidia GPU owners can now take advantage of Nvidia Reflex in Overwatch for a massive reduction in game latency and response time, potentially making them far more competitive. In a game as fast paced as Overwatch, shaving off as much as 30ms of reaction time can make all the difference.

The effect is most apparent on lower-end graphics cards, where the raw power of the GPU can't boost frame rates enough to cut down input lag by itself, but the lowest lag is found with the most powerful GPUs. In Nvidia's own testing, it found that a GTX 1660 Super with the Reflex technology enabled could cut system latency from 63ms, down to 31ms. An RTX 2060 Super went from 47ms to 24ms, while an RTX 3080 went as low as 16ms, cutting down from 24ms.

Frames win games, as Nvidia has put it before, but Nvidia Reflex can really help even the field.

"Overwatch players with a GeForce GTX 900 Series GPU and newer can try out NVIDIA Reflex before it comes to the main game. Just grab the latest NVIDIA Game Ready Driver, go on the Overwatch PTR server, navigate to the display options menu and enable NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency," Blizzard said in a statement."

"Overwatch also features the Latency Flash Indicator. If a system is equipped with a new Reflex Latency Analyzer compatible monitor and has GeForce Experience installed, simply enabling the flash indicator and positioning the monitoring rectangle over the indicator location will deliver accurate system latency results every time."

Will you be taking advantage of Nvidia Reflex for better in-game responsiveness?