Painkiller:Battle Out Of Hell First Details

Painkiller:Battle Out Of Hell First Details Painkiller:Battle Out Of Hell First Details Painkiller:Battle Out Of Hell First Details

The upcoming expansion pack, Painkiller: Battle Out Of Hell, builds on the original Painkiller, famous for its lightning-fast gameplay, incredibly varied environments and amazing monsters. The base game sports 24 totally unique levels ranging from a rundown prison to a gothic opera house to a landlocked monastery and a very original rendition of Hell.

Along with improved visual effects and new multiplayer modes (including a hellish mutation on Capture the Flag!), the expansion pack delivers a brand new 10-level single-player chapter. In keeping with the Painkiller tradition, every level of this new chapter is totally different from the one before it, and each level is haunted by its own specific demons.

Read on for a sneak peek at just some of the levels and the creeps who will be trying to stop you in Painkiller: Battle Out Of Hell!


This hellish orphanage plays home to the most tortured of souls, dead orphaned children. Their souls condemned to wander purgatory for eternity, the denizens of Painkiller's Orphanage will pose a particular threat.

Evil Girl: Possessed from birth, the Evil Girl discovered her evil powers at a very young age. She has the ability to set her surroundings on fire.

Nun Ghost: Who knows what earthly sins damned the Nun Ghost to this horrid place? Her primary attack is an auto-aiming ball of fire.

Pinokio: Is it a real boy, or just a demonic toy? This possessed wooden toy comes alive when touched or hurt.


It may look like a place of fun and merriment, but there's no joy in Loonypark. Here, you'll come across some of the most twisted demons in the Painkiller universe. This is definitely an E-ticket ride!

Clown: This nasty villain is the reason why many children have deathly fears of clowns. Watch out for the small explosives he throws.

Corn: Looking like some bizarre mix of a man and popcorn, Corn attacks you by throwing small poisonous balls.

Dead City

It may appear to be a simple, modern metropolitan city, but in Painkiller, nothing is ever as it seems. The buildings in this city look as normal as can be, but Dead City is home to the creepiest, weirdest monsters you'll face.

Preacher: If this is the Preacher, you can only imagine what his congregation must look like! This well-fed gentleman carries a giant axe and wears cut-off feet as a trophy necklace. Among other things, he can throw a car at the player…

Panzer Spider: This weird, giant cyberspider has many different attacks (ice breath, earthquake, etc.). Watch out for this one!


Leningrad was the site of one of the hardest fought battles in human history. It's no wonder then that in Purgatory, the war has never quite ended. The buildings here burn with the fires of hell, smoking ash floats through the air, and the sky is black from an eternity of conflict.

Russian Soldier: This soldier might be dead, but he still packs a punch armed with Russian firearms and grenades.

German Soldier: Tenacious, the German Soldier won't back down from any fight. He's armed with demonic versions of German firearms and grenades.

Russian Officer: Burned in the fires of eternal war, this horribly disfigured commanding officer has a number of attacks to watch out for. Most devastatingly, he can call an devilish airstrike to bomb an entire area!

Deto: This chubby fellow is a detonations expert. He'll drop mines to trap you, but be careful of his explosive kamikaze attack.