PC150 Enhanced HSDRAM (128 mb)

PC150 Enhanced HSDRAM  (128 mb)

The Enhanced Memory Systems 64MB and 128MB CAS 2 150MHz HSDRAM DIMMs are the fastest unbuffered SDRAM DIMMs available. Low latency (2:3:2) at 150 MHz improves performance in high-end gaming, desktop publishing and graphics applications, particularly with UMA system architectures. The fast 4.5 ns clock access time allows unbuffered DIMM operation at 150 MHz for lower memory latency, and lower costs than registered DIMMs. The 64MB module (SM6408DT-6.6) is organized as 8Mx64, and the 128MB module (SM12808DT-6.6) is organized as 16Mx64. The 128MB ECC module (SM12809DT-6.6) is organized as 16Mx72. Each module contains a serial presence EEPROM programmed by Enhanced Memory Systems, which contains information on the module type, module organization, component speed, and other attributes relevant to the system controller.
Can overclockers push it to 200 MHz? We'll have to wait and see.
Its current price is $195.00. Download full specs, in pdf format, from the link below.