Penny Arcade Producer Details Episode 2 Changes

With the release date of episode 2 approaching, Joel DeYoung, producer of the Penny Arcade episodic game series finally revealed more details about it.

Joel confirmed that players who finished episode 1 will be able to carry their character over to episode 2. "Maxing out your stats at the end of Episode One means that your party can be as high as Level 15 if you import your save game and character. Your character's look and all of your items are available to you as well, and if you want to improve upon your looks, you can always browse through the new customization options at the start of the game. About the only thing that won't carry forward is your weapons - we've automatically upgraded Tycho's tommy gun to a shotgun, Gabe's fists now have brass knuckles and your character has traded in your rake for a hoe. We're sticking with the garden tool theme!"

The new weapons come with updated special attack mini games that are "a bit more challenging to execute perfectly". There aren't much new items, but they have all been tweaked. "We've definitely added a few tweaks there as well", Joel explained. "Before, you could use a health item to revive downed characters in combat".

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