Peter Moore Discusses Natal's Hands Free Gaming

Peter Moore Discusses Natal's Hands Free Gaming

Project Natal is an ambitious system that tracks the players whole body movement and use them to control Xbox 360 games, but do players have to hold something in their hands while doing so ? The system doesn't require it, but EA Sport's Peter Moore believes that some games will.

"We've seen both Natal and the motion controller from Sony several months ago," Moore began, "so we're already looking at opportunities to bring both our licensed product and our fitness product to these new controller mechanisms."

"The challenge with gesture control is yes, do you need 'something'?" he asked. "That's always the thing, we've looked at these things for many years."

"Do you need something to counter-balance your movement, as we do in a golf game, you typically need a club, or a racket or a baseball bat. Do you need that?" Of course, some games, such as Fight Night, lend themselves nicely to hands-free gesture control.

"We're constantly evaluating," Peter Moore concluded, "and I think what you've got to do with Natal in particular is you've got to come up with new experiences that feel natural without something being held or something on your body. And that's going to be the key to successful software for Natal."