Phantom Unveiling This Weekend

Even though things have not been going according to plan for the new Phantom console, Infinium Labs are determined to get their message across. The planned release during this week's Ultimate Gamers Expo may be off due to the cancellation of the show but the Phantom will make its first appearance this weekend.

This Sunday, at 12:00AM est the official unveiling of the Phantom console will be broadcast to the whole world. We are extremely pleased to be partnering with Gigex to unveil our Phantom Game Console, said Timothy M. Roberts, president and CEO of Infinium Labs. The Phantom unveiling will reach a much wider audience through Gigex distribution at . We anticipate our Web site at will attract several million viewers.

Once this broadcast gives us a basic idea of what the console may be like, the official, physical appearance of the Phantom may finally take place at the COMDEX show this November in Las Vegas.

With the already established forces, XBox, PS2, GC, gaining market share and with new products such as the Phantom and the new, similar and promising DISCover console on the horizon, the console market is slowly evolving into the most interesting side of gaming.

may the best box win.
You can find Sunday's broadcast link by following the download tab above.

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