Play Rocket League for free this weekend

If you're not a fan of soccer games in general, but find yourself a little enamored by the ongoing world cup, why not take the wheel of a rocket-powered car and try and score some goals with it instead? Rocket League is a fantastically fun sports title with a unique twist and it's free for anyone to play on PC and Xbox One this weekend.

Rocket League was released in 2015 and became an overnight success, building on its predecessor's basic premise with new graphics, better physics, and plenty of aesthetic customization that allows anyone to craft a car that's uniquely them. Fast-paced, five-minute matches on great looking pitches make for frantic action and a surprisingly high skill-ceiling, leading to all sorts of awesome plays from those who can master the mechanics of their rocket-powered battle car.

The game is free for the whole weekend, running through until 10am PDT on Monday, July 9. You'll need either Steam or Xbox Live Gold to play it, but that's hardly a huge investment for either platform. If you decide you like the game enough to buy it, developer Psyonix has knocked the price off by 50 percent throughout the weekend to just $10, so grab it while you can if you like what you see.

PS4 gamers shouldn't feel too disheartened however, as while the game isn't freely available this weekend, you can pick it up at a discount during the PlayStation Store Summer Sale, as per Eurogamer, with a further 25 percent off if you're a PS Plus subscriber.

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