PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds first person servers are now live

If you feel like PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' camera system gives players too much of an advantage when they can safely look around corners and over ledges due to its third-person-perspective, the new first-person servers will be right up your street. Following promises earlier this year, the developer, Bluehole, has now implemented first-person-only servers to provide more competitive environments for those who want it.

Announced on Twitter by the Battlegrounds team, first-person-only servers have been undergoing testing for the past week on select servers. However, all players in the NA, EU and Asia regions can now enjoy first-person only games if they so choose.

This doesn't affect traditional game modes in any way as third-person is still possible for those who want it. First-person servers simply offer greater choice for Battlegrounds players.

The feature is, however, still considered to be in development, like much of the rest of the game. With that in mind, SEA and OCE regions do not have access to it yet, but that will change in the near future.

How do you guys feel about the push for first-person servers in Battlegrounds?

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