Pro Rugby Manager 2 Looking Good

Pro Rugby Manager 2 Looking Good Pro Rugby Manager 2 Looking Good Pro Rugby Manager 2 Looking Good Pro Rugby Manager 2 Looking Good

Cyanide Studios, developer of Pro Rugby Manager 2, has released new in-game images from the game which showcase matchmode and training. Following the success of Pro Rugby Manager 2004, the sequel, expected in March 2005, promises to improve on the original and to incorporate features which will enhance the player's control over the game. Follow the Screens tab above for the new images.

Pro Rugby Manager will include over 100 clubs, national teams, 30 incredibly authentic stadiums and photo realistic players.

Shout instructions from the touchline with more conviction than ever with a mass of new offensive moves and suffocating defensive tactics. Pro Rugby Manager 2005 takes everything that made the original game a smash hit to a new level of realism and depth that all rugby fans will relish.


- Fully updated rosters for the 2004 - 2005 season.

- Participate in all the major competitions from the 10 National championships to the Super-12, Tri-Nations, Six Nations, European Cups and The World Cup.

- Choose from over 100 Clubs and 50 National teams (France, UK, Italy, New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, and many more).

- Authentic Stadiums: Experience more than 30 authentic 3D stadiums, including each of the 12 Zurich premiership teams.

- Graphics - New photo-realistic player modelling with accurate player builds. New spectators that change clothes according to weather conditions. Instant replay on tries and drop goals.

- In Depth Management: Feel the intense real-life pressures of a manager with key decisions such as the hiring and firing of players to improve the status of your team.

- New training system, based on fitness and earning of attribute points. The system takes into account fitness, morale and physical condition of player.

- Improved injury management. New injury system with appearance of recurrent injuries and pains that prevent the rugby player from taking part in a match

- More than 400 lines of commentary during matches.

- New animations: 400 Motion captured scenes upon entering the stadium and after scores

- Improved interface - easier to read, more links and better ergonomics

- Brand new text mode: View the matches in 2D and text messages

- Take on the world online or challenge your friends and workmates over LAN.