Project Godus Isn't Setting Kickstarter On Fire

While it might have a name like Peter Molyneux attached to it, 22 Cans Kickstarter campaign to reinvent and reinvigorate the God sim, Godus, while doing quite well in its funding efforts, is hardly generating the kind of interest we've seen for projects in the past.

Star Citizen recently generated over six million and Project Eternity made four million - and these were small teams working on innovative looking games. So what's the difference? First up, Godus is a British Kickstarter effort. I can tell you already, that those who were interested in the crowd funding phenomenon, have already pledged plenty to American efforts, so we're really not that fussed about new British ones. It's cool, but the Kickstarter thing has been done and we're already getting bored of it.

Secondly, Peter Molyneux and 22Cans Curiosity game hardly achieved the success and notoriety that it was hyped to. There were a lot of stories spanning blogs and news sites in its development and impending release, but when it actually hit, most people realised that it's just a game where you tap a cube for hours and hours on end. Since then unless you were following CVG's updates on it you know nothing about it and you don't really care.

Unfortunately this is a shame since Molyneux, while having a reputation for promising features that never materialise, also has a great reputation for god sims. The man knows how to make them and there is potential the near half million pound ($800,000) goal won't be reached.

If you do fancy donating to the cause, you can do so here.

So what do you guys think of Godus, is this a game you can get behind, or do you just not care? Let us know below.

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