PSX Now PS3 Soon

PSX Now PS3 Soon

Sony unveiled its "PSX" entertainment system and revealed it will include a satellite TV tuner and DVD recorder plus its PlayStation 2 game player. The company also unveiled the new system's significant price tag which is set at a minimum of 79,800 yen (USD 719).
In order to justify such a price Sony has included an HDD recorder in the unit. The above mentioned price will apply to the units featuring a 160-gigabyte HDD which will be able to record up to 204 hours of television. A 250-gigabyte version will also be available for 99,800 yen. There is no timetable for an overseas PSX launch, Sony said.

The new product will also attempt to keep consumers busy while preparing for the launch of Sony's new console the PS3. This could also create a problem for Sony however, since many will choose to wait for the new games machine rather than invest such a large sum of money on a unit whose core is based on the now aging PS2.

There is the game industry and game development and we are trying to fuse the consumer electronics business with games to make a new growth area, said Sony Chief Executive Nobuyuki Idei.
While Sony were launching their new product another attempt at fusion was being launched. Nokia introduced their N-Gage games console/cell phone/mp3 player etc. These moves mark the latest trend in the electronics industry which is to utilize the success of video games in order to sell other electronic devices and services as well.

Sony also plans to enter the portable game device market next year with its PSP, which will also play music and movies.

Although the price of the PSX does, initially, seem extravagant, many analysts claim that considering the hardware on offer in the PSX, its price sounds very cheap.

Most visitors to the exhibition in Japan were the PSX was introduced, claim that the lack of new gaming features in the PSX, make it less of a temptation.

It is widely accepted that the PSX is planned to contribute financially to the company's upcoming PS3 console. Although Sony has not announced any date for the release of PS3, the company has indicated it plans to commit 500 billion yen over the next three years in semiconductors, including research and development for the high-powered microprocessor codenamed cell which is being developed with Toshiba and IBM and is expected to be the driving force behind PS3. Sony have very high hopes for cell and it is expected that they will try and introduce it as the next standard for consumer electronics.