Psycho Krieg detailed in Borderlands 2 DLC Video

Psycho Krieg detailed in Borderlands 2 DLC Video

Some more details for Krieg, the reformed psycho bandit from Borderlands' 2 upcoming DLC Psycho Pack have been revealed in a new gameplay video, that highlights his abilities, as well as the fact that he can be turned into quite a different beast with just a few tweaks to his skill trees.

The special ability for Krieg is his Buzz Axe Rampage, which sees him permanently sprinting while it's activated. It recharges as he takes damage and allows for massive health boosts when melee kills are made. However if an enemy is at range, he can throw the axe like a boomerang, stumbling them and doing big damage.

The three different spec trees are Mania, Hellborn and Bloodlust. Mania lets you turn the tables on those attacking you, increasing abilities as you take damage, while Hellborn is all about letting the world burn. You can even set yourself on fire which gives you better damage, increased damage reduction and some other abilities. Bloodlust on the other hand, stacks your basic stats, making you a monster of damage dealing proportions.

One of Krieg's more unique facets is his suicide second wind, which sees him moving at full speed when downed, throwing sticks of dynamite. When the timer counts down, he holds a stick over his head and lets it explode. If you manage to take any enemies with you, he pops right back up ready to fight.

Krieg is coming in just a few days time, landing on May 14th on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

Any of you guys planning to take Pandora to task with the new character when released?