Rage 2 confirmed by leaked trailer

Rumors have abound that a sequel to the 2011 sort-of-hit, Rage, was in the works. Well now we know for sure it is, because a teaser trailer for the game has leaked ahead of its planned reveal on today, May 14th.

While the original video may have been swiftly pulled by Bethesda, if you want to get a jump on its official unveiling, here it is in GIF form.

The teaser takes the form of live action characters interspersed with what looks like rendered backdrops from the game. There are similarly crazy characters to the original, as well as its post-apocalyptic desert world, mutated monsters and that fun mix of steampunk and old-world technology that made the original game... alright.

The original Rage was a very pretty game and had some interesting open world elements. Like Borderlands, but one shade more serious, it combined FPS action with car crash racing mechanics in a Mad Max-like setting. It didn't blow anyone away with its gameplay, but its new "super texture" graphical rendering technique did turn a few heads at the time.

Rage 2 is unlikely to find the same sort of wow from its graphics, considering how common this sort of setting is now, but it could be another fun feather in Bethesda's cap.

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