Rage Director: Rage Mods Are Almost Impossible

Rage creative director Tim Willits admitted that it would be almost impossible to mod id Software's highly anticipated post-apocalyptic first person shooter, even on PC.

The difficulty to mod Rage is an unfortunate result of the complex technology utilized in id Tech 5 engine. A major feature in the new graphics engine developed by the legendary programmer, John Carmack, is the Megatexture system.

Instead of storing textures in separate files, the Megatexture system stores the texture data for levels as one huge texture map that streams in. The generation of that Megatexture requires an insane amount of processing power that is not expected to be available to game modders. Just like the render farms used to render CG movies, id Software have a large number of high end CPUs working for long times to produce Rage's Megatextures.

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