Rainbow Six 3 for PS2 in March

Rainbow Six 3 for PS2 in March

Ubisoft has announced that a PS2 version of Rainbow Six 3 will be released in March of this year, offering a variety of new features in an attempt to entice owners of Sony's console who will be the last to get the game.

Even though the game has sold well for the two formats currently supported, PC and XBox, it is unlikely that any serious publisher can resist the numerous PS2 exclusive gamers.

To make the game even more enticing, a variety of extra features will support those which gamers are already familiar with.

So when RS 3 is released for the PS2 in March it will contain an additional mission, extra multiplayer maps, and an exclusive two-player split-screen mode for co-op play.

Voice Command technology will be supported for the PS2 as well, provided gamers have a headset, allowing communication with AI squad mates in single player mode and with other players in online play.