RAM fans are back cooling some of the fanciest RGB DDR5 yet

RAM fans are back guys, and not the kind who really love RAM. Memory cooling fans have been and gone several times over the years, and never had much of an impact, but it's possible that now with DDR5 RAM's extreme speeds and on-board voltage controller, that dissipating some heat much actually be useful. So now we not only have huge heatsinks, but RAM with cooling fans too.

The latest kit to give this a try is the Geil EVO V DDR5 RGB kit, which is available between 4800 and 6660MHz, ranging in capacity from 32GB to 64GB. The tiny RGB fans on the design reportedly give the heatsinks an additional 45% of cooling potential over their passive alternative, which might be an impressive number to throw in a press release, but it begs the question about what that 45% is rising from in the first place.

If the heatsink was enough to cool the modules any way, what difference would a couple of tiny (potentially noisy) fans make?

It's not yet clear whether DDR5 memory, even heavily overclocked memory, will need anything more than a little air blowing over them from system fans, but Geil is giving it a try with this new kit anyway and it made a bit of a splash at Computex this week.

The kits are set to go on sale this July worldwide. While we don't have any details on pricing, expect it to be higher than it should be for this kit. Also lookout for fan failures down the line. We're sure those tiny fans are easy to replace...

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