Remedy Admits Quantum Break Is Broken On PC

Remedy Admits Quantum Break Is Broken On PC

Players' opinions of Quantum Break's gameplay vary greatly with some hailing it as one of the best games of the generation and others portraying it as a failed attempt at rehashing the Max Payne formula. But there is one thing everybody agrees to: the PC version of the game is broken.

The PC version of Quantum Break suffers from low frame rate, stuttering, forced V-Sync and frequent crashes to the point that most reviews advice readers to avoid it altogether. In fact, we've even seen pirates advise file sharing users not to waste their bandwidth downloading it.

The game's development studio, Remedy, finally acknowledged the problem and promised to fix it. In a lengthy post on Remedy's official forum, the company posted a list of the game's most prominent problems and promised to fix them in future updates.

Admitting the problem and working to fix it is commendable, but we have to wonder why the game was released in such an obviously unplayable state to begin with. Either Remedy has the world's most inept quality control department, or they deliberately chose to go for the cash grab and fix the game post-launch.

This situation is painfully similar to what happened with the PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight. In that case too, developer Rocksteady posted a long list of known issues and promised to fix them. The game was removed from store shelves while Rocksteady worked for several months to fix it. In the end, the game received two major updates that didn't fix any of the main issues and Warner Bros. decided that it was easier to refund angry users than to actually fix the game.

You can check Remedy's list of Quantum Break bugs here.