Xbox Gamers Are Selling Their Quantum Break PC Codes On EBay

Xbox Gamers Are Selling Their Quantum Break PC Codes On EBay

As a way to promote Quantum Break and Windows 10 in one move, Microsoft ran a promotion whereas Xbox One gamers who pre-ordered the game would receive a bonus copy for Windows 10. The company also sweetened the deal by implementing a cross-save system that allowed progress to be shared between the two versions.

But it looks like this wasn't what most gamers had in mind.

The PC version download codes started hitting gamers' inboxes 3 days ago and now eBay is brimming with listings for unused Quantum Break PC version codes. At the time of writing, the codes are priced between $20 and $40 with the majority hovering around $30, or 50% of the retail price.

It is easy to see how Xbox One gamers who are not interested in playing Quantum Break on PC would find it fair to "split" the cost with a PC gamer. And it certainly didn't help that the PC version of Quantum Break is practically broken, so it unlikely that an Xbox One owner would bother trying to run it.

Microsoft has essentially flooded the market by doubling the number of units available, and the market responded in the only way it know: by halving the price. Is this a case of unforgivable oversight, or did Microsoft plan for it as a way to bring more people to windows 10?