Road Redemption Hits Its Kickstarter Goal

Road Redemption

The Road Rash inspired, biker brawling Kickstarter campaign for Road Redemption, has come to an end, managing to break through the $160,000 barrier to secure the funds. This will mean that over the next year and a bit, the game will go into full development, finally seeing a release in August 2014.

The funding doesn't stop there though, as the developer, Darkseas Games, is continuing accepting donations via Paypal. . Over $9,000 has been pledged since the end of the campaign and this has tipped the scales for the next stretch goal, which adds Xbox 360 support. The next goal after that is for Oculus Rift support at

Like Road Rash before it, Road Redemption is all about battling it out with other bikers in a high speed motorbike race, though unlike its predecessor, it won't necessarily be all about making it to the finish line first - there may not even be a race. Instead, Road Redemption is about taking over territory with your gang, rising up through the ranks to claim the top spot in your local crew, before expanding and targeting others.

Sometimes you'll need to race to an armoured car, other times it'll be a deliberate assassination of a rival gang member that's on the cards.

Weaponry will come in the form of traditional melee offerings like wire wrapped bats and crowbars, but guns will make an appearance too - though in limited form, as ammo is scarce in Road Redemption.

I'm quite excited for this one guys. What about you?