Rocket League to free to play on September 23

Rocket League's parent company, Epic Games has announced that the game will officially go free to play on the Epic Games Store on September 23. This will bring to an end a half decade of premium play, unlocking the game for the millions of gamers who've never sat behind the wheel of a rocket powered battle car, and will give out a bunch of free stuff to those who previously purchased the game, no doubt helping to propel the game to heights previously unseen.

Even before this move happens, Rocket League has grown to record breaking numbers. It recently managed to reach over half a million concurrent players, showing that this game's ceiling has yet to be reached in terms of its popularity. As we've seen with Fortnite, Epic knows how to handle massive games that grow exceedingly quickly. It wouldn't be a surprise to see it manage Rocket League to become another mega hit — even more so than it already has.

Cross platform progression is coming to the game, so even as it debuts on the Epic Games Store you won't lose anything if you continue to play on Steam. You'll even be able to play on the Epic Games Store sometimes and then play on the Steam version when you like, without progress, unlocks, and everything else carrying over each time you play.

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