Rovio Spinoff Wants To Be Twitch For Mobile Games

Rovio Spinoff Wants To Be Twitch For Mobile Games

The studio behind Angry Birds has created a spin-off venture that aims to revolutionize mobile gaming with a new cloud-based streaming service for mobile games.

The new service, Hatch, gives players instantaneous collection of mobile games that can be played without download, installation or updates. It will start off on Android with around 100 titles in 2017 before launching on iOS and other platforms. CEO Juhani Honkala touted that Hatch will make players "start playing any game as easily as watching a movie on Netflix."

The new service comes with plenty of social features to allow gamers to share their gameplay moments, broadcast live game sessions and collaborate or compete with their friends in multiplayer games. More interestingly, Hatch introduces a groundbreaking shared single-player mode which turns any single-player game into a multiplayer experience. The feature is ideal, for example, in cooperative e-sports, or if players are stuck and need a helping hand from a friend or family member on the other side of the globe.

Early content partners for Hatch range from established gaming heavyweights such as BANDAI NAMCO, TAITO and Ubisoft Mobile to beloved indies like ustwo Games and Double Fine Productions. Hatch will enter soft launch with about 100 different games, including Badland, Broken Age, Cut the Rope 2, Dokuro, The King of Fighters ‘98, Leo’s Fortune, Monument Valley, Pac-Man CE DX, Rayman Fiesta Run, République and Space Invaders Infinity Gene.

Hatch will also feature brand-new Hatch Originals – not available anywhere else – designed to take advantage of Hatch’s unique cooperative multiplayer features. The first Hatch Original will be IslaBomba: Ready To Boom, exclusively created in partnership with Sons of a Bit.

Hatch's invitation-only soft launch will start on Android during the first half of 2017.