The RX 500X graphics cards are just RX 500 graphics cards

It turns out that the anticipated new AMD graphics cards known only as the RX 500X series were nothing too exciting after all. Although there was plenty of speculation that they could be a new, 12nm refresh of the 500-series, or include an RX 590, expand the range in some way, that's turned out not to be the case. Instead it's simply rebranded existing RX 500 cards. Woo?

Overclock3D first broke the news on the potential new RX range of graphics cards, having seen an RX 560X appear on a popular gaming benchmark's results pages. It suggested that the card could be part of a newly refreshed line of RX cards.

Considering we're a year on now from the original release of AMD's 500 series graphics cards, that wouldn't be wholly surprising. However, we've now received confirmation that that's not the case at all and that it's the same old cards. They just have an X after them instead.

Chances are this is just AMD board partners trying to reinstill some life in the RX 500 series by making people think they're something new and exciting, rather than year old hardware that wasn't that powerful anyway. However, they'll need a decent amount of stock to do it. The reason the RX 500 series hasnt' resonated with gamers for the past year is because no one has been able to buy one at a reasonable price. All of them have been stupidly expensive because the miners have been buying up all the stock.

Unless the RX 500 series arrives in thousands upon thousands of units, it's not going to make a dent in that problem.

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