Sammy Studios E3 Line-Up

Sammy Studios E3 Line-Up Sammy Studios E3 Line-Up

Sammy Studios, announced the line-up of videogames it is showcasing at the 2004 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). This year Sammy Studios will be showing its biggest-ever portfolio of games, and its products representing the first US-based internal development and licensing efforts for parent company Sammy Corporation of Tokyo, Japan.

Sammy Studios will showcase the following games at E3 2004:

Darkwatch, for the PlayStation2 and Xbox, is the company's internal development debut. Created by the team who founded the Carlsbad-based studio, Darkwatch is an original first person shooter combining the Western and Horror genres to create a cinematic experience with great depth and game play variety. As half-vampire Jericho Cross, players must hunt down a powerful vampire lord whose undead minions have overrun the Wild West. The result is a stylistic premise blending western and vampire-horror milieus, and one injected with innovative concepts. Gunslingers and ghouls, rifles and rocket launchers and undead horses and high-octane vehicles all exist side by side in the unique Darkwatch universe. At E3, Darkwatch will debut a live game demonstration in a replica of an in-game haunted church. The experience is designed to highlight the inspired premise and features sure to establish it as Most Wanted at the show. Tickets for free admission to the theatre will be distributed inside badge inserts for all E3 attendees, and audience members will be eligible to win a video game collector's dream; a one-of-a-kind Guilty Gear XX # Reload arcade machine. Darkwatch is slated for release in Spring 2005.

The Shield, for PlayStation 2 and Xbox, is based on the Emmy and Golden Globe winning FX network police show that has become one of the most talked about programs on television. At E3, Sammy Studios will give the public their first look at this authentic adaptation of the trailblazing series, a game promising to deliver an experience akin
to a lost episode. The Shield is a third-person action game putting players in the role of Vic Mackey, a hard-nosed cop fighting a war on crime where, to him, the ends justify the means. The company is working closely with Fox Television Studios and THE SHIELD creators and talent to recreate the show's trademark intensity and visceral emotional impact in a true-to-life police action game. Developed by Point of
View, Inc., The Shield is slated for release in Spring 2005.

Spy Fiction, exclusively for PlayStation 2, brings never-before-seen features to the stealth-action genre. Spy Fiction introduces the revolutionary ability to steal the appearance and other characteristics of any character in the game and assume their identity. The game brings fast-paced action and variety to stealth, with action-oriented mini-games and spy gadgets designed to let players avoid detection while on the move. Spy Fiction boasts amazing graphics, with character design by famed artist Renji Murata (Last Exile) and a range of soon-to-be-revealed upgrades not found in the recent Japanese release. Developed by Access Games, Inc., Spy Fiction is slated for release in September 2004 at an MSRP of USD 49.99.

Iron Phoenix, exclusively for Xbox Live, brings a new genre to online multiplayer games as the first-ever 16-player 3D fighting game. This Kung-Fu brawler, introducing team-based melee combat, wide-open environments and wire-fu style fighting to the 3D fighting genre, will get its playable debut at the show in a LAN tournament open to all E3
attendees. Iron Phoenix promises a huge variety of weapons-based combos, more than ten playable characters a robust single-player mission mode and numerous online play modes. Iron Phoenix is slated for release Holiday 2004 at an MSRP of USD 49.99.

Guilty Gear Isuka, for PlayStation 2, is the newest sequel in the acclaimed 2D fighter series. The game promises to raise the bar on the genre, one arguably set by its own predecessor Guilty Gear X2, by introducing 4-player simultaneous play, combo customization, all-new play modes and new characters and arenas. Developed by Arc System Works, Guilty Gear Isuka is slated for release in Holiday 2004 at an MSRP of USD 49.99.