San Andreas - XBox PC Details

San Andreas - XBox PC Details San Andreas - XBox PC Details San Andreas - XBox PC Details San Andreas - XBox PC Details

Now that Rockstar Games has given us a date for the appearance of the PC and XBox versions of GTA: San Andreas, June 7th, we can give you some of the details behind the new versions. Rockstar revealed that far from being simple ports of the PS2 version, the XBox and PC versions will breath new life into the gang-ridden state of San Andreas and will offer a wide range of improvements.


Rockstar describes the XBox version of San Andreas as fully optimized and graphically and sonically invigorated...
XBox San Andreas will offer players the opportunity to build their own custom radio station while a neat replay feature will let you relive the last 30 seconds of your gameplay.
CJ will look much better on the XBox, the game will support 480p (progressive scan) and 16:9 widescreen, will offer higher resolution textures, increased draw distance and new lighting and shading models. You can view a couple of sample XBox screenshots by following the screens tab above (hint: they are the widescreen ones).


If you think CJ will look good on XBox he'll be a super model on PC, according to Rockstar the game has been developed in order to ...take full advantage of powerful PC hardware... To view PC images of the game follow the screens tab above (hint: they are NOT the widescreen ones).

The PC version will let players use their mp3 collections in game (much like Vice City) offering a radio station which will play them back.
The 30-second replay will also be available in the PC version giving gamers the ability to use cinematic effects during playback.
Possibly the most exciting feature of San Andreas PC is the modding capabilities offered by Rockstar. Considering the vastness of San Andreas, the options seem endless and we look forward to what the multi-theft-auto team will be able to offer.