SAS Simulation Title Soon

SAS Simulation Title Soon SAS Simulation Title Soon

Konami's realistic S.A.S. combat simulator, The Regiment, will be released for PC-DVD on February 17th the publisher has confirmed.

The Regiment is a first-person shooter with the emphasis on speed of movement, accuracy and the use of real-life counter-terrorist tactics. Former S.A.S. veteran John McAleese acted as the game's technical advisor, and also offers insights into the tough missions via specially filmed link sequences. McAleese has worked closely with Konami of Europe's Product Development team and developers Kuju to ensure that progress through the game is only possible using accepted and established techniques.

McAleese challenges the player to embark on either 'arcade' or more comprehensive 'simulation' modes, with the latter truly testing the player's abilities. Within the 'simulation' mode, the player is given less on screen information and terrorist reaction times are quicker. As such, in addition to keeping an eye on ammunition levels, the player must be totally aware of their surroundings and movements around them, while the 'arcade' mode opts for a slightly more gung-ho element.

The Regiment also offers complex training sessions using authentic S.A.S. procedures. Once completed, the game's missions unfold and are based on briefings and scenarios supplied by S.A.S. veterans. During the missions, players oversee a four-man squad as they assault a series of terrorist strongholds with their key challenge to save hostages and get them out alive within as short a time frame as possible. The CPU members of the four-man team can be directed to tackle specific challenges, while the online mode allows four friends to work together.

The fictitious missions include a terrorist attack on Britain's Houses of Parliament and a siege in the underground; while a remote farm house set in open fields provides a tricky challenge with little or no cover as the squad attempts to gain access unnoticed.

The Regiment X-Fi audio, while additional online modes can facilitate up to 20 players in the testing Sabre Squad mode. The game is powered by the Unreal Engine and includes Karma Physics.