SEGA To Halve Dreamcast Prices

Sega is slowly developing in to a media favourite. They are turning out 10 stories a minute and their deny then accept policy to news stories, brings to mind the classic, boy who cried wolf, fairy tale.

The latest story, reported by CNN today, is bound to make a Dreamcast owner of almost everyone. According to the news giant, Sega will drop its Dreamcast price tag to almost half of todays price.

The drop in price is expected to be implemented in March 2001 and could bring the price of the console down to USD 99 in the US.
This move is probably an attempt to reduce the hardware stock of the Japanese company, allowing them to focus on their newly defined target, software development.
Considering the limited numbers of Dreamcast consoles which will be available, this price change may lead to scenes reminiscent of the Playstation 2 war, fought in the streets of the US last December...

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