Sega just bought Two Point Hospital

Sega is now the proud owner of Theme Hospital spiritual successor, Two Point Hospital and its developer Two Point Studios. The game has proved to be a huge success since its launch in August 2018, receiving critical acclaim from many reviewers as well as a strong response from general gamers. It also enjoyed nominations for a number of awards at major shows.

"We’re delighted to welcome Two Point Studios officially in to the Sega family," Sega Europe's president and COO, Gary Dale said, via PCGamer. "As a relatively new, British-based developer with a global hit already under their belts, we knew we had to move quickly on this deal because they are an extremely attractive investment proposition with a great deal of talent."

It's perhaps no wonder that Two Point Hospital remained such a faithful successor to the classic Theme Hospital game, produced and released under iconic studio, Bullfrog. The co-founders of Two Point Studios, Mark Webley and Gary Carr, both worked on the original Theme Hospital and on successive Bullfrog/Lionshead games, like Black and White, and the Fable series.

Two Point Hospital was recently updated with the Superbug Initiative DLC, for free, with a number of other content packs planned for the future. The developers have said they're planning on expanding Two Point County in the future. Whether that means more games in the same universe or an expanded Two Point Hospital, though, remains to be seen.

Have you tried out Two Point Hospital?

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