SEGA Port Classics to PC

SEGA Port Classics to PC SEGA Port Classics to PC

Retro gaming has gradually claimed its spot in the industry and has evolved into a trend. Such is the love that many gamers have for the titles that nurtured them during their formative gaming years, that a whole scene has developed around them. A scene which started with the emulator frenzy and eventually moved on to freegame efforts and the classic game remakes produced by small independent studios.

Recognizing the emerging market, SEGA decided to put their old gaming arsenal to good use by breathing some new life into it and creating PC versions available for download. Fans of classic SEGA titles such as Ecco the Dolphin, Sonic and Knuckles, Puyo Puyo, Puddle Fighter, Space Harrier II and more can now visit and for a small fee gain unlimited download access.

The site went online on November 20 and initially 30 games will be available, with more being added each month. Subscription costs 1000 Yen (just under USD 10) and offers unlimited downloads of all the titles available. As you would expect filesizes average at about 3.5 Mb.

Follow the download tab above for to find the link to SEGA's site and the complete list of currently available games.