Sekiro's combat system is being ported into Skyrim

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, are two drastically different games, if both beloved. But one modding team has decided they need to be closer than just two distinct titles, they need to be one and the same game. They're porting the combat system from Sekiro into Skyrim, creating a hybrid experience that is both open world, and deliciously dangerous to fight in.

Called The LertKrush Sekiro combat overhaul, the Skyrim mod builds upon the efforts of other modders, like the creators of tktk's Ultimate Combat mod for Skyrim Special Edition, but from there LertKrush has done a rather passable job at making Skyrim feel like an expansive Sekiro level. As PCGamesN explains, it includes blocks, sword swipes, declection effects, counters, dodge-rolling, and some well crafted hitboxing for different attacks.

The only problem is that the mod can't be released to the public just yet. Since it's based on tktk's work, LerKrush needs to get permission to make it widely available. Presumably it will come, but the future of this mod is still uncertain at this time.

Still, if it does make it online eventually, it's set to be called Skyrim Die Twice. Can you think of a better name?

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