Someone has already finished The Division's Incursion update

Someone has already finished The Division's Incursion update

We'll just update The Division with a new patch of content... aaaaaaand, it's gone. That's surely how the developers feel about the game right now, as just hours after the launch of the latest Incursion content in The Division, a player has already finished it.

Admittedly the Incursion was just a one room survival simulator, with heavily armed and armored enemies pouring in as you attempt to wipe them all out before they do the same to you. While a lot of people have found it particularly difficult, one player, known as aNCrime, has managed to beat them all.

While difficult though, early reviews suggest it's not that much fun. It's complicated and has busy work like disabling turrets, planting a bomb - that's all well and good, but when you're just mowing down enemies for minutes at a time, it doesn't get you that excited for more.

The rewards are at least good though, so players can feel pleased that they won't be wasting their efforts by trying to beat it.

How do you feel about some of the recent content additions for The Division? Do you feel they're worth your time and effort, or is it becoming a bit too much of a grind?