Sony demos Morpheus on Jimmy Fallon in E3 buildup

With Sony's E3 press conference set to take place later today, it looks like Project Morpheus could play a big part, as the Japanese game maker has already been promoting the technology elsewhere, giving Jimmy Fallon and guest Channing Tatum a go on the tail end of last week.

In the video published this weekend, we see Fallon and Tatum take part in a little sword swinging, gauntleted fist, punching action against dummies and eventually a dragon that certainly gives them a sensation of presence and scale in the short demonstration.

Skip to the 2:00 mark if you want to see the Morpheus in action, though the Verge editor and demo-er of the technology, does also highlight some pretty amazing features on an upcoming camera called the Lytro Illum.

In the demo we see Tatum and Fallon outfitted like Rayman in a suit of armour. There's no arms or legs to speak of, but there is a pair of armoured gauntlets, that Fallon then uses to wail away on a nearby dummy.

While the graphics are nothing to shout about, clearly the simulation does the job as both men come away looking a little flabbergasted. It even takes Fallon a second to recompose himself after removing the headset in quite a hurry.

While this demo doesn't exactly tell us a lot about the hardware or whether it's changed much since its first outing earlier this year, chances are we'll know a lot more by the end of today. Keep your eyes peeled.

Sony's demo takes place in just under 15 hours at 6PM PST (2AM GMT) and you can watch it live, here.

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