Sony promises performance improvements in PS5 firmware update

The PlayStation 5 is an excellent console with great support for next-generation 4K and 8K gaming at surprisingly high frame rates. It has super fast load times, great audio, support for VR, and it's way quieter than the PS4. But it could be better. With some key performance issues in specific situations, like loading screens, Sony has promised that a new firmware update will fix them.

The 868MB update brings the system software to version 20.02-02.25.00 and according to Sony will "improve system performance," though Sony hasn't given any specific notes on what those improvements will be. It's not clear yet whether it addresses the "Rest issues" of the PlayStation 5, where users bringing their PlayStation back from Rest mode see it wiping their saves or even causing it to shutdown entirely.

Some users have reported crashing problems still existing in some games — though that may be more of a hardware issue. While that's a shame, others have highlighted that games are loading even faster after the update, and that company splash screens at the start of games can now be skipped once you've seen them for the first time. Others have highlighted how micro stuttering issues and screen flickering problems appear to have been fixed too, though we'll need to see if that plays out on a wider user base.

Do note, however, that some users have reported system freezes when the update begins, so make sure you're not playing a game when the update starts.

How are you enjoying your PS5 so far?

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