Sony Says Work Harder For PS3

Sony Says Work Harder For PS3 Sony Says Work Harder For PS3

A series of recent statements by Sony's Ken Kutaragi may begin creating the impression that Microsoft's latest next-generation acquisition may be the Sony president himself. Mr. Kutaragi, not known for his charm, gave an interview to Japanese economic website Toyo Keizai where he chose to analyze his company's marketing strategy for the PS3 console.

Although it is fairly obvious that Mr. Kutaragi was targeting the Japanese consumer with his comments, the entire world cannot be anything but surprised by them. The meat of the Sony president comments can be summed up in his claim that he wants ...consumers to think to themselves 'I will work more hours to buy one' This would more or less imply then that the higher Sony raises the price of PS3 the more special consumers will feel once they get their hands on one.

It's strange that not many other companies have adopted the Kutaragi model but maybe the solution to poverty would be to start selling PS3 to poor countries, therefore giving the incentive to each family to become wealthy; we certainly hope the G-8 are focusing their notoriously limited attention spans on this bit of news.

So you heard the man, you have just about 9 months to get of your game-grown asses and get working so that you can have the privilege of maintaining Mr. Kutaragi's lifestyle to the levels he has grown accustomed to.