Sony Sued Over Firmware 3.0 Problems

On behalf of "thousands of Sony PS3 video game owners who downloaded a system software update required by Sony [and] found that the update caused their PS3 units to malfunction and actually damaged the hardware on many units", a Florida man filed a class action lawsuit against Sony.

The aforementioned software update refers to Playstation 3's Firmware Update 3.0 which was released in early September. A few days after the update was released Sony acknowledged the problems it caused and promised a quick resolution. The company then released another firmware update that was supposed to fix those issues.

The plaintiff claims that the newer update didn't fix most of the issues, and actually caused further problems with the console's Blu-ray drive.

The class action lawsuit accuses SCEA of breach of implied warranty, negligence, negligent misrepresentation, unjust enrichment, and other counts. The suit is seeking restitution and damages in an amount to be decided at trial, as well as legal fees.

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