SPARKLE Unveils Second Generation GPU LCD

SPARKLE announced Calibre P860+ graphic card which features a built-in LCD display.

Based on Nvidia's 8600 chipset, Calibre P860+ graphic card supports DirectX 10 Shader Model 4.0, NVIDIA Quantum Effects technology for physics computation and GigaThread Technology for extreme processing efficiency in advanced, next generation shader programs.

As Calibre series' latest mainstream product, the Calibre P860+ graphic card is provided with out of box overclocked speed. Compared with ordinary GeForce 8600 GTS graphic cards on market, the Calibre P860+ graphic card embraces 675 MHz core speed, 1512 MHz shader speed and 2000 MHz 512MB 1.0ns extreme fast GDDR3 video memory.

SPARKLE endowed the Calibre P860+ graphic card with second generation of Graphics Display Port (GDP) daughter card- GDP2. With second generation of GDP, this daughter card use LCD with back light to show real-time GPU temperature, GPU working voltage, fan speed and Calibre Logo. User can manually switch the surveillance case with corresponding graphic logo to represent the case. User can also manually set the warning thresholds of fan speed and GPU working temperature to avoid damage caused by GPU overheating or lower fan speed. Compared with SPARKLE's first generation GDP daughter card, GDP2 daughter card is added with the surveillances for GPU working voltage and fan speed; it's also added with smart surveillance and automatic warning functions.

"The Calibre P860+ graphic card presents SPARKLE's latest endeavor in DirectX 10 graphic cards manufacture. Out of box overclocked speed endues it with powerful 3D rendering capability, so it can bring astonish performance in latest games." Said Aaron Lee, marcom director of SPARKLE. "With customer's need in mind, SPARKLE evolves second generate of Graphics Display Port (GDP) daughter card. Now users can surely enjoy the convenient surveillance brought by GDP2 daughter card."

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