Steam Deck compatibility expanded to 80 of Steam's top 100 games

If you're eagerly awaiting your early pre-order of a Steam Deck portable console, then you can rest easy that there's a good chance most of your favorite games are playable on the system. Over 80 of Steam's top 100 games are now fully compatible with the Steam Deck, including Terraria, Ark: Survival Evolved, Warframe, Final Fantasy XIV, and Rust, among many others.

The stats for this were put together by ProtonDB, a database of all the games that are compatible with the Proton on Linux system which Steam Deck uses to make games functional on the device. It covers many of the top 100 most popular games, and highlights how Valve's own games, like CS:GO, DotA 2, and Team Fortress 2 come with native support. Non Valve games like PayDay 2, Don't Starve Together, and Rocket League all have native support too, but even games that don't have received high praise.

DayZ, Phasmophobia, Fifa 22, and World of Tanks are all gold rated, while Rust, and Football Manager 2022 fall into the silver category.

The list of games in the top 100 that are now playable on Steam Deck is extensive, though, whatever their rating. Unfortunately, there are still a handful in the top 10 which don't work on it just yet. A lot of that surrounds the anti-cheat measures currently in place in games like Halo Infinite, New World, and Apex Legends, among others.

Hopefully as the Steam Deck grows in popularity, the developers and Valve will be able to do something to get around that issue.

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