Steam Deck is powerful enough for AAA gaming at 30 FPS

Steam Deck is powerful enough for AAA gaming at 30 FPS

Valve's Steam Deck isn't widely available, but it's starting to get into the hands of testers and reviewers, and the early performance numbers are good. In fact, they're good enough where on this relatively chunky little handheld, you can expect to play just about anything, including modern AAA games like Cyberpunk 2077, at native resolution and a comfortable 30 FPS.

The Steam Deck is Valve's latest attempt at a hardware device, following some middle success with its Steam Controller and Steam Link devices, and some outright failures on the part of its Steam Machines. Still, the Steam Deck seems like a confluence of all these developments, offering competent controls, with Valve's Linux gaming OS, streaming functions, and the latest mobile hardware making it capable of playing even modern games well.

It features an AMD Zen 2 CPU with an RDNA 2 GPU, much alike the current generation consoles from Microsoft and Sony, with a 1280 x 800, 60Hz, 7-inch LCD display. That isn't the most impressive of specs, but it's enough to make many games look great at such a high pixel density, and that now includes modern AAA games.

According to a Chinese user, via WCCFTech, the Steam Deck is more than capable of playing games like Cyberpunk 2077, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Doom Eternal, and other high-end games without much difficulty. It gets well over 100 FPS in Esports games like DotA 2, and AAA games manage to hold steady above 30 FPS almost constantly.

The Steam Deck is set to launch in the coming months, but won't be widely available until 2022.