Steam UI changes are still coming, but we don't know when

Remember those leaked developmental build screengrabs of a completely overhauled Steam user-interface from last year? It looked good, didn't it? Certainly different and quite the upgrade over the Steam interface that has been the predominant layout and visual style of the digital platform since its first major revamping from the olive-green of old. But despite months having passed since that leak, we still haven't seen anything come of the potential changes. So what's going on?

It turns out that Valve hasn't scrapped the idea, but it is still working on it. In a quick Twitter back and forth with Valve product designer, Alden Kroll, stating that they are indeed, still developing the updates. Unfortunately, that's about all he said, which as PCGamesN points out, is par for the course with Valve.

We have no idea when it'll be released, though Kroll did jokingly respond to a request of whether it would be finished within the next "40 years," stating "Gosh I sure hope we get [it] done before then!"

While it may be anywhere between weeks or months until we see the update, it's good to have confirmation of something Valve's working on that fan's actually want. We're sure Artifact will be fine, but there are many other Valve properties that fans would prefer to see come to light.

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