Stoic gives Banner Saga 3 July release date

Stoic Games has announced a release date for the third and final chapter in the Banner Saga (saga), which will close out a four-year developmental period, two successful Kickstarter campaigns and lots of beautiful, hand-drawn artwork.

The Banner Saga is the slow, depressing but beautiful story of humans, giants known as Varl, and the seeming ending of their world. The sun has stopped setting, long dead enemies are coming back to haunt them and the very world is splintering under all of their feet. Its a fantastic setting and matched with stunning artwork, music and some tactical combat, the past two Banner Saga games have been well received.

Note: The trailer contains spoilers for the first two games.

The third game looks to continue the journey of our protagonists, who have changed a lot along the way. Much like a number of games with a story focus, The Banner Saga is a game series where your choices matter and how you handle things can carry over to the next game in the series.

The game is slated for a launch on July 24 on both Mac, Windows, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch, all at the same time. You can pre-order the game now for $25 if you want a few extras, like a Dredge hero known as Kivi, who starts the game at rank 10 with a unique item, heraldry, title and combat ability.

There's also a more expensive version, called the Legendary Edition, priced at $40 that gives you a digital novel and a new legendary item as well, as per PCGamesN.

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