Super Hot Has Bullet Time But Not How You Know It

SuperHot, a new Unity developed, browser based First Person Shooter is all about bullet time, but not as you think you know it. No it's not like Max Payne, or FEAR, where time slows down and yet you can move that bit faster than everyone else. In SuperHot, when you move anything, the mouse, the keyboard: time moves too. If you like, you can stand still forever, taking in the minimalistic aesthetics, but why would you do that when there's people to shoot?

Built by a team of developers as part of the 7dfps challenge, Super Hot has a Mirror's Edge look to it, with stark white surroundings contrasting with red enemies, blood and the black gun in-front of you.

Due to the relaxed atmosphere in this game, it's more like a turn based puzzler than an FPS, because in this universe, it's not the perspective that alters the pace of the game, but you, the player.

Each level ups the ante with dwindling numbers of bullets, larger numbers of assailants and increasingly difficult to traverse environments. It's quite a tense game at points and you have to remind yourself that nothing happens unless you want it to.

Perhaps the most impressive part of the whole thing is that it's fully playable in your browser. Just head here to give it a go.

What do you guys think? It's an intriguing idea that I'd like to see expanded.

[Thanks PCGamer]

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