Supercell Makes More Monthly Revenue Than EA In App Store

The iOS top grossing charts have seen an interesting twist in November when Supercell studio overtook EA and surpassed it in terms of monthly revenue.

Supercell studio is a Finnish video game development company founded in June 2010; essentially a small fry when compared to EA, the world’s second largest game publisher. More interestingly, Supercell managed to surpass EA’s mobile revenues with only two games (Hay Day and Clash of Clans) under its belt while EA had 969 apps available in the App Store.

Even more, neither of Supercell’s games made it to the top downloads list which means that the studio made it exceptional revenues mainly from in-App purchases.

Last October, a Supercell representative told The New York Times that the studio grosses more than $500,000 in revenues each day after Apple takes its 30% cut.

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