Switch overheating? This fan has you covered

The Nintendo Switch is a pretty capable little machine and it's become exceedingly popular over the past couple of years as a great alternative system for more mobile and child-friendly gaming. Great for certain genres that don't necessarily fit as well on the more high-end consoles and gaming PCs. But it can overheat if you play outside or for extended periods in warmer environments, which can degrade performance and shorten the life of its internal components. That's where a decent external cooling fan can come in handy.

It's not something that many Switch owners will need, and the solution from Gamers Mobile is hardly an elegant one, but it is effective. With a powerful cooling fan attached to the back of the Switch, Kotaku reports that it can lower temperatures by up to 13 degrees C, which is substantial enough to avoid component overheat and throttling, great for keeping your Switch running at peak performance all day.

If you're not a Switch gamer, this fan is also compatible with most smartphones, so you can leverage it for long-term smartphone gaming too. It'll be a little clunky there, but it's always an option.

Do you ever employ additional cooling measures with your mobile gaming devices?

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