Syndicate Like QBASIC Game Is On GreenLight

Black Annex

In what is being hailed as a first by many, Steam now has a QBASIC game in its Greenlight public voting platform and impressively it looks quite good.

Featuring gameplay that looks clearly inspired by the cult espionage favorite, Syndicate, the art style is more likely to draw your eye, as it's incredibly 'basic' - but surprisingly charming. Players control a team of individuals that must complete missions within a corporate office environment, hacking through doors, stealing business secrets and gunning down enemies should they appear or if a random office working needs subduing.

Called Black Annex, this is the first game from Man Fight Dragon and it's already got a lot of heat on Steam and in international press for its impressive aims as much as for its ancient codebase. To put it into perspective, QBASIC was developed and released around 1991.

The feature list for the game is as follows:

  • An isometric action-fest with a twist of deception and espionage!
  • A huge array of missions spanning multiple corporate locations!
  • Collect enemy agents during missions to add to your team!
  • Discover hidden, unique agents by completing optional tasks!
  • Explore "Black Annex" with your persona agent and keep business running smoothly!
  • Upgrade weapon and deception abilities over time to further breach target corporations!
  • "Rebuild" completed missions indefinitely until you've collected all the agents and assets!

Black Annex is set for release towards the end of 2013. If you want to vote on its Greenlight page then go here.

The new trailer also looks great: