System Shock 2 Now Available On GoG

System Shock 2

One of the most requested games on Good old Games has finally made its return to a modern operating system, thanks to the efforts of a newly founded studio known as Night Dive. Apparently there's been a legal mess for many years, but with some finagling over the past year, Night Dive and GoG were able to finally bring System Shock 2 to a contemporary operating system.

System Shock 2 is considered by many as one of the best games of all time - perhaps only slightly inferior to its older prequel - and it's certainly thought of as one of the scariest. With a dark, foreboding atmosphere, the game can be a true horror fest at points. However unless you were willing to work with fan made patches and mess with compatibility, getting System Shock 2 to work on Windows 7 was a right pig. Now though, it should be a synch.

But to get it there wasn't easy. For the past decade the trademark and digital rights for the game have been split between EA Games and the company that bought up the IPs from one of the original developers, Looking Glass Studios. Night Dive Studios had been in legal talks with the latter group for many months and finally managed to get them to agree to allow for the game to be re-released. It will be available exclusively on GoG for a limited time, where after it will be made available through Steam.

The currently available version - buy it here - comes with the soundtrack, maps and the original pitch for the game.