There's a AAA Dungeons and Dragons Open World RPG in the works

There's a AAA Dungeons and Dragons Open World RPG in the works

The Dungeons and Dragons universe is one of the most expansive in fictional history, spanning not only hundreds of official volumes, but millions of games between players and their DMs across tens of thousands of tabletops the world over. That's lead to many games based around some of those stories too, but rarely ones with a monstrous budget and production value. That's not the case in 2021, however, where a full, AAA, third-person, open-world RPG based in the DnD world is under development.

It's being created by Hidden Path Entertainment, which has alumni of many impressive projects like CS:GO, Defense Grid, and Age of Empires II HD. The head narrative writer on the project is Whitney Beltran, who wrote for State of Decay 2 and Beyond Blue.

The game will reportedly be based on the Unreal Engine 4, so should look absolutely gorgeous when it eventually sees the light of day. Whether it will be more akin to a hack and slash, or use some of the more traditional skill-based trappings of the genre remains to be seen.

While details remain thin on the ground for now, the good news is there are lots of opportunities to work on the project if you have the right skillset and are so inclined. Hidden Path is looking for graphics designers, writers, and programmers. You can find more information on all the available positions in the embedded Tweet.

They will all be on-site though, so you'll need to be willing to relocate or already live near the Bellevue Washington HQ.

Image source: Wizards of the Coast